Naturopathic care is covered by most extended health care plans.

Initial Consultation (90 mins): 250

Follow-up Consultation (60 mins): 150

Extended Follow-up (90 mins): 250

Phone or Skype Consultation (30 mins pro-rated): 110

[Naturopathic services are HST exempt]

Naturopathic Facial Rejuvenation Treatments

All naturopathic facials are customized to suit the distinct needs of each patient:

Cosmetic Acupuncture (60 mins): 180
Treatment includes intake and skin analysis. Followed by cosmetic acupuncture to boost collagen + elastin production, soften fine lines + wrinkles, improve circulation, and tighten skin. Relevant body acupuncture points are included to balance the system and heal the skin from within.

Customized Cosmetic Acupuncture Facial (75 mins): 210
Cosmetic Acupuncture treatment plus micro current to tonify the underlying facial musculature and improve overall appearance of the skin. Treatment may also include gua sha massage, jade rolling, and facial cupping depending on patient needs.

Diagnostic Testing

Dr. Cugliari offers a wide range of tests to address the needs of each individual patient; these include but are not limited to:

Blood Testing

Hormone Panels

IgG Food Sensitivity Testing

Various Breath, Salivary, Stool, and Urine Analyses

[Prices vary]


Dr. Cugliari utilizes the highest quality pharmaceutical-grade products from the most trusted and respected companies in the field of Natural Medicine. These include: Unda, Physica Energetics, Mediherb, Genestra, Pure Encapsulations, Douglas Laboratories, and Viriditas.

All supplements, remedies, herbs, and homeopathics are priced per remedy.

A cancellation fee of $100.00 will be charged for any cancellations made within 48 hours of the scheduled appointment.